London, Fri 17th October (18/10/03)

Steve Owen:

Oi oi, I went to see ver bicuit down the big smoke last night
the mean fiddler was packed, the sound was dire
the drums were like sludge and the lyrics were getting lost in the fog

Interesting choice of songs though
loads off voyage to the bottom of the road
not very many off cammell laird
a smattering of recent singles.

Best song of the night was 24 garage people
it was astoundingly good with nigel adding new lyrics to the song
cover of holiday in cambodia was excellent
nice little snippet of 'bird on a wire' as well

nice to hear C.A.M.R.A man
and the kendo nagasaki song from treadmore and davitt

I wished they'd done stuff off godcore album
maybe next time eh!!