London, Fri 17th October (18/10/03)

Helen Johnson:

Mean Fiddler was one of my best ever HMHB gigs. They were on fine form, played from 8.30-10.15 (which is the latest the Mean Fiddler allow).

The cover was Holiday in Cambodia, part of the reason why this one will be elevated to legendary gig status for me.

24 Hour... had an added bonus, the sound track in the guy's head while he's serving, which I *think* was this verse from Nick Cave's Mercy Seat, but I might have got it wrong:

And the mercy seat is burning
And I think my head is glowing
And in a way I'm hoping
To be done with all this weighing up of truth.
An eye for an eye
And a tooth for a tooth
And I've got nothing left to lose
And I'm not afraid to die.