London, Fri 17th October (18/10/03)

Leigh Hunt:

A bit of a mixed bag last night. Let's get the negatives out of the way first:

Poorly animated (and un-sponsored moshpit) for the first half of the gig. Maybe because of some odd choices of non-crowd pleasers early doors. The place was also full of a hell of a lot of idiots - Nigel had beer chucked all over him and Neil got the beer AND the can. Not much sign of any security either, still the band seemed quite happy to laugh it off, I suppose they've seen a lot worse. Added to this were at least half a dozen fluffed lyrics and one or two bum notes. Bit out of practise maybe?

On to the positive - the actual performances were blisteringly powerful. Some songs really roared in the "live environment". The set seemed to last for about an half and three-quarters, great value for money, I'm sure someone will post the set list but it ran the whole gamut from Nerys Hughes to Jarg Armani with tracks from every LP except Godcore. Every song sounded fresh and bloody loud.

Seeing as the touts were buying tickets for £25 before the gig (slightly less after the gig) I'd suggest that the band either play London more often, play more than one night or play a bigger venue...or maybe all three!