Edinburgh, Fri 8th August (10/8/03)

Roger Green:

That bloke who reviewed the Stourbridge gig certainly wouldn't have been impressed by my Wakefield-Newcastle-Edinburgh-Wakefield return ticket. Sad, isn't it? Still, each to their own....

This was the perfect end to a day that had included an hour's Italian Baroque music and a show featuring Monty Python sketches performed in French. The venue was one of these places that turns into a night club later on. Cities being cities, and this being in the middle of the Festival, the small-town boy from West Yorkshire was given a brutal introduction to the three-pound pint!!

The early start caught me out a bit and meant I only caught the last song by the first band, which I assumed to be The Refuseniks. Next up were The Odeon Beat Club who are definitely worth catching if they come to your town. It's no good saying they are like this band or that band, just give them a go.

And then it was HMHB. There was some fine moshing, although tempers seemed to get a bit frayed near the corner at the front. But by and large if you look round at other people you see beaming smiles and it's like a community sing-song. And for good measure, there was a bra thrown onto stage - it had to happen sooner or later.

It was looking bad on the set list front, officious stage crew and all that, but one of them buckled and let me have Carl's. On comparison it is exactly the same as for the Newcastle gig, but here goes anyway

Fred Titmus
Squabble Fest
Light At The End Of The Tunnel
Lark Descending
Blood On The Quad
Dean Friedman
Foam Party
Wrong Grave
Bob Wilson
Turned Up Clocked On
Jarg Armani
24hour Garage
Look Dad
Mountain Bikes
Pancake Day
Deep House
Slip Knot
Dukla Prague
Trumpton Riots


Country Practice
Nerys Hughes

Geoff was doing a brisk trade on the merchandise stall at the end of the evening, maybe he's still there now.