Edinburgh, Fri 8th August (9/8/03)

David Craig:

Since I am the "big bloke in a Dukla Prague shirt" that nicked the set list (May I thank Stuart for this being 5' 7" I take that as a complement indeed - I can also lay claim to being the Dave in Ben Woodcock's review of Newcastle - Nice one Ben, good to meet you and Siobhan).

Here is the set list as nicked from Ken (shouts of Ken, Ken, Ken, Ken!)

Fred Titmus
Running Order Squabble Fest
Light at the end of the tunnel
Lark Descending
Venus in Flares
Blood on the Quad
Uffington Wassail
1966 and all that
The not entirely legitimate son of Dean Friedman
San Antonio Foam Party
Slippers (nothing better in life than writing on the sole of said with a biro)
Tending the wrong grave for 23 years
Bob Wilson
Turned up, Clocked on, Laid off
Paintball's coming home
Jarg Armani
24 hour Garage people
Look dad, no tunes
Lock up your mountain bike
If I had possession over Pancake Day
Everything's A.O.R.
(List says Deep House but 'twas not played)
Vatican Broadside
All I want for Christmas is a Dukla Prague away kit
Trumpton Riots


Country Practice
I hate Nerys Hughes

Totally brilliant gig. The support acts were: some arty poser types called the refuseniks who were as bad as the description sounds and even included sadly homoerotic dancing around off stage which was, frankly bad sad and a bit mad. Next up Odeon Beat Club who were really rather good (check out some MP3's on their website) good set with a bit of stage presence and ability to get somewhere.

Next up the Biccies and a great gig in a great venue. Roll on London.