Newcastle, Thu 7th August (9/8/03)

Roger Green:

Funny how the best venues always seem to have hand-written tickets and are set up in such a way that the band have to walk through the audience in order to get on stage. This is the kind of place you wish HMHB would play more often - cosy, intimate and like an oven, hotter even than York's Fibbers at its most oppressive. Not the easiest place to find without an A to Z though.

One notable highlight was a complete arse of Paintball's Coming Home. Sorry, couldn't help Nigel when he asked for a prompt. I might be able to help if he was struggling with "The Best Things In Life" but at least he got it right with the final wrist-slashing line. Apologies also to Ken for the body-check as I surged onto stage for his set-list. This is what it said:

Fred Titmus
Light At The End Of The Tunnel
Lark Descending
Blood On The Quad
Dean Friedman
Foam Party
Wrong Grave
Bob Wilson
Turned Up
Jarg Armani
24hour Garage
Look Dad
Mountain Bikes
Pancake Day
Deep House
Slip Knot
Dukla Prague
Trumpton Riots

and the encore

Country Practice
Nerys Hughes

And so on to Edinburgh...