Stourbridge, Thu 24th July (15/9/03)

"Jack The Teenage Armchair Honved Fan":

Since those girls are approaching 20, I am proud to say that at 14 I was the youngest fan of the band at the gig (by the way noticed the girls had trouble with the words to Fred Titmus).

Despite our cries, they didn't play Them's the Vagaries or Footsteps but what they did play was highly impressive. Also to my dismay they didn't play Visitor For Mr. Edmonds. Hehehe...

They did a great version of Rod Hull Is Alive - Why? Who would have thought to put Ross Kemp there instead, pure genius. Also a nice extended, confusing version of 24 Hour Garage People.

The new stuff they played off the new E.P. was great. Have now bought this.

My first but definitely not my last HMHB gig.