Stourbridge, Thu 24th July (26/7/03)

Max Worrall:

My first HMHB gig, very impressed I was. The support band did not tickle my fancy a great deal, standard indie-pop fare- "Locust"? I can't remember...very pleasant people though, and not too arsey when no-one really cared! Nice.

HMHB had a few bits of banter with the sound guy, which didnt seem to do much good for a while, but it definatly improved as the night went on. A little disappointed that there was only 2 (?) songs from Cammell Laird, I like that album, plenty of crowd faves though, a decent mix, and a nice moshpit got going towards the end.

I too noticed a gaggle of 14 year old girls at the front. They looked like they should have been at Robbie Williams! But all power to them.

All 4 were great tonight, my fave was 24 Hours, everyone laughed, plus the Tending The Wrong Grave... and "decorating" songs are typical of why I love this band.

All in all a great show for this first-timer.