The Academy 2, Manchester, 13th December (14/12/02)

Mr Blue Sky (sorry it's a bit late):

"Manchester,so much to answer for"...S.P Morrissey
"Manchester,Cotton and Guns"...A.Partridge

Manchester,home of the annual HMHB Christmas Gang show as we are treated to a pre-festivities gig for the 4th successive season. And what with "Fame Academy-the final" and "Speed 2-Cruise Control" on the telly, well it seemed silly not to wander down to the big room at the Uni for the gig.

Entering the stage to "Walking in the Air" they promptly launched into "The light at the end of the tunnel". Tonights was a varied set covering much of the back catalogue, with "Running Order Squabble Fest" and "Turned Up,Clocked On,Laid off" paticularly well recieved.

After last months "New Rose" we went from the sublime to the ridiculous as we were treated to the old Country and Western standard "Lucille". (I've often wondered why Kenny Rogers fried Chicken empire,which is very successful stateside,has never really took off here. Maybe its something to do with the name, "Kenny Rogers Roosters"...mmmmm.

The highlight for me was "Thy Damnation Slumbereth Not" which included the line "Whats yellow and Turkish?Banana Mouskouri".(yes I know shes Greek but I'm sure he said Turkish...then again I was bladdered!).

In a surreal moment Nigel took out his Dictaphone and played us some "Argos Ambience" which consisted of the sound of tills ringing and "Number 107 to your collection point please".

The opening bars of "Everythings AOR" saw Mrs Blue Sky dive headlong into the moshpit and Trumpton Riots finished the night.

Big shout going out to Biffo and Mrs Biffo who we met last night. See you next Christmas!