The Boardwalk, Sheffield, 20th November (25/11/02)

Sheila Blige:

Never been north of Brum before. Two days off work, a 9 hour/560 mile round trip on a Virgin train, scabby back-street B&B - worth every minute, every penny. Hmhb fans are obviously the most intelligent & discerning fans in the world, though I seemed to be the only unaccompanied female: usual mix of happy blokes and girlfriends-in-tow looking as though they'd rather be at home watching Life Laundry. Queuing outside under a beautiful Sheffield full moon, we were treated to a perfect Vitas Gerulitis. Support act's lead singer had a nice jumper - Top Man? Biccies take the stage and just storm through the set list from heaven, (apart from no Monmore). Forget the 80s, chaps, this band just gets better. San Antonio has to be up there in the new post-Cammell Laird Top Ten. Hats off to the true believers in the audience urging Nigel to 'play what you want, man. Play anything. Play it all!' Can't make Manchester - no more time off work this year. Head south in 2003, Mighty Biscuit, don't make me pay that twat Richard Branson any more money.