The Boardwalk, Sheffield, 20th November (25/11/02)

Mat Noble:

This was my first experience of HMHB live, I've been wanting to see them for the past four years so it was quite a big event as they have provided the soundtrack to our drunken singalongs for many years.

We arrived in Sheffield with no way of getting home until the early train at 6 the next morning so we were almost constantly looking for a lift going in our direction! We had no suck luck. So we decided to simply get on with our night and worry later. The support act were a suprise, we were expecting a kind of shit band no fans type support but they were very impressive (considerably tighter musicians then the almighty biscuit, much to my suprise). I told this to their drummer who gave me a free cd which was nice.

I forgot to actually write out the biscuit set so i am not sure on the exact songs or runing order. Highlights included Bob Wilson, Turn A Blind Eye, Dukla Prague Away Kit, Trumpton Riots and of course Secret Gig. However I was terribly disapointed to hear nothing at all from Godcore and very little from Back Again as they are my favorate albums. My friends and I were constantly shouting for them to play some Godcore to no avail. We were at the front so able to ask Nigel why he seemed to have almost disowned his greatest works he told us that he had simply forgot it all! Also missing from the set were Four Skinny Indie Kids, Dean Friedman, Albert Hammond Bootleg, Bottleneck at Capel Curig, Bad Review, Let's Not, Arthur's Farm, The Len Ganley Stance and Dickie Davies Eyes amongst others.

It would seem that Godcore is not the only thing he has forgotton as the new songs seem to be the only songs that he can actually remember the chords and words to properly. I found it rather amusing watching him fingering incorrect chords then quickly rectifying his errors and playing diferent ones, hoping nobody noticed. However the occasional wrong chord failed to destroy a truly amazing performance by a truly great band, although I think they should probably/definitly rehearse and gig more!!!!!! Preferably in cities with good train services! We all had a great time and the new material worked very well in a live enviromment. I would not have missed it for almost anything. It was like a mini pilgrimage for us considering our ridiculous journey of over 100 miles by public transport.

I was struck by the incredible musicianship of Neil, the bassist. He made not one error and had a professional look about him (not to mention a unique bass sound). Play some Godcore next time guys! But well done for not cracking under the pressure from the more brutish side of the crowd to play God Gave Us Life.

Cheers for a good nite and a long eventful journey home!