Leeds review, Thu 23rd August (24/8/01)

Andy Sandall:

With their traditional Leeds home The Duchess no longer with us, HMHB returned to the city to tread the boards at The Roscoe, but were met with the same enthusiasm and support as ever, albeit in surroundings mnore akin to a Berni Inn than a gig venue. Right from the off, with Nigel's apology for them being late due to getting stuck behind Andy Townsend's Tactics Truck on the M62, we knew it would be a good night, and a belting version of Irk The Purists started the night off well. A crowded room soon got hotter and hotter but the tunes - and the banter - kept on flowing with the usual selection taken from across the whole range of their recordings. Interesting to see the effect of this website on the crowd as the requests ranged from the usual Back in the DHSS tracks (met with customary disdain by Nigel) to some of the obscure b-sides and covers only mentioned on the web, although the calls for Nigel to recreate the BP ad were a new addition!

But helped by a great clear sound from the PA and an enthusiastic crowd - posibly a bit too enthusiastic in the pit late on - they produced a great performance. Highlights for me PRS Yearbook and Secret Gig which sounded punkier than ever, but others like the surprise choice of Evil Gazebo or even the brief section Best Things In Life went down as well as the obvious favourites like Fred Titmus.And to cap it all they ended with probably the best version of Trumpton Riots I've ever heard them do!

Another top visit to Leeds, although another encore wouldn't have gone amiss but perhaps the immense heat had really taken its toll. Oh and remember Nigel's big tip - Lincoln City for the Division 3 title!