London review, Fri 20th July (5/8/01)

From 'Sidney' via 'Jason', with original spelling intact:

Bein a deep house victim an a Dr Who afficionado I don't do too many gigs these days. In fact bar a mate's band (swig o Jack Daniels, top kept on thankfully) this was first one since last year's poncy southern date.

Met a mate outside the Coach an Horses (incidentally where Tom Baker used to drink) an made way to gig just in time to get a birthday t-shirt; last eno one; and see them come on stage.

Can't remember the set too much, but plenty of oldies... Titmus, Venus, Trumpton, Time flies by, a welcome Dukla Prague with beautiful fuck up lyric wise...

My mate loved 4 skinny indie kids an was singin along by the second chorus, even heard him listenin to some biscuit t'other night.

Look Dad tugged the heart strings as ever, shame no Dead Men, ah well mebbe next time. Also would dearly love to hear Prag Vec live as it's a personal fave.

New EP tunes did the biz as did Runnin Order an Irk the Purists. Vitas good as ever.

Nice Tiptoe through the front row interlude as per last year.

Can't complain gig!

Told the lads at work the next day, got the usual response..."they play any old stuff?"

Bought a Man album... Ho Hum

Any chance of a gig in Malmo next year?