London review, Fri 20th July (25/7/01)

Brian Salisbury:

Great night! It was hot and heaving. Support band were OK - Taffy reckons he'd seen them before - said they were from Ffreeth (Nr Wrexham ), but I was sussing out a decent vantage point for the bird when they were on. Took the opportuntity of having a wander round up on the balcony for a while - she was happy to stay there, so left her and went back downstairs and stood in front of speakers by Ken. I think I have listed most of the tracks they did but I've forgotten the running order :

A Lilac Harry Quinn
Third Track Main Camera
Running order Squab Fest
Lark Descending
Bob Wilson
Worried Man
Song To The Siren with extra smooth transition into...
Waterboard Man
Evil Gazebo (odd choice)
Can't remember what old stuff but poss. Titmus/Trumpton
Sole of your slipper v Vitas Geralitus
Secret gig
4 Skinny Indie Kids
Lock up your mountain bikes
Irk the Purists

Probably missed a load out (Look Dad No Tunes?). Nothing really from Voyage, Godcore and only Running Order Squab from TLP.

Some 'in-between song' bits as usual - 'I am the linesman for Notts County' and some anecdote about a CAN tribute band .I laughed out loud at 'It's raining Ken'. Some fat bloke standing next to me informed me that Nigel did that at Sheffield too. He also informed me that Ken was wearing the same t-shirt as the one he wore in Sheffield. Too much information.

I know I started of left of stage in front of Ken, wasn't quite up for a mosh and so wandered over to the other side by Neil, but inevitably, standing right in front of either set of speakers doesn't do the sound justice, so decided to move middle, slightly further back. Great but some geezer with the biggest goatie beard I'd ever seen, Motorway t-shirt kept knocking into me so moved again, back up to balcony.

Some girl ran on stage and gave Nige a kiss (probably his missus). He had his eyes shut at the time and just carried on playing as though nothing had happened.