The Boardwalk, Sheffield, 20th June (2/7/01)

Paul 'Goody' Goodison:

I'd finally managed to drag my long suffering wife to a Biscuits gig. The last time I'd seen them was at the Princess Charlotte in Leicester last year.

We arrived at the Boardwalk early, just as the Biscuits pulled into the car park opposite (a blue Birkenhead Van Hire). I pointed out, to my wife and niece (who had travelled from Bolton), that this was the lads arriving. We went over to them and asked if they would sign our tickets,and with no hesitation they did. My wife then said "I think were the only ones to come and see you!!!" Nigel replied, with a smile, "I remember last time we came, there was the biggest queue waiting outside, only to find out it was for Cradle Of Filth playing at the Corporation opposite."

After a few minutes chat, we let them get on with unloading the gear, and headed for the Bankers Draft pub, with our prized possessions. I won't go on about the gig, as that's been covered many times, just to say it was fantastic!!! I'd really like to thank Nigel and Neil for making the evening that little bit more special,thanks lads.

You now have one more fan missus!!!!