The Boardwalk, Sheffield, 20th June (21/6/01)

Neil Woodhead:

After last years epic journey to find The Boardwalk, this time we found it straight away! There was even a queue of Biccie fans waiting to get in, as we drove past to the car park. Birkenhead Van Hire being on show for all to see.

Don't tell anyone, but copies of Editor's Recommendation were available to those in the know (thanks Geoff). Indeed it has been played constantly since our return from Sheffield - it is sheer quality.

The support acts were, well different. What more can one say about a David Gray soundalike and a modern poet.

When the lads arrived on stage, everything was set for another good gig - and they didn't disappoint. The usual tracks were played including Trumpton Riots, Monmore, Secret Gig (with on stage dancer!), Vitas etc. We were also treated to a rare outing of All I Want For Christmas.

From the new EP came Bob Wilson - Anchorman, On Passing Lilac Urine, Lark Descending, Worried Man Blues and Vatican Broadside. Only the New York Skiffle was absent.

Nigel was in fine form once again with quirks about Slippediskit amongst others. Decent replies to the old hecklers as well.

It was good - yet again.