The Boardwalk, Sheffield, 20th June (21/6/01)

John Day:

Well the trip from Nottingham was uneventful, more then can be said for the trip home. Why do people drive while there asleep?? On reaching Sheffield we got lost on Paradise Street. 2 minutes later we spotted the BHVH Blue Transit, we reached Paradise!!!

The set was a little different from the recent numbers, I'm sure Gus or Neil will have the full set list... No 'You're Hard', 'Fred Titmus' or 'Paradise Lost' that debuted at Matlock, but we did get most of the new numbers.... Thanx to havanah for the CD's.

Good to see Heidi and Cathy accompanying the Woodheads again, stood behind them at Matlock and thought they really enjoyed it(why don't our girlfriends share our enthusiasm). Not sure the larger crowd was quite as friendly an atmosphere as Matlock for them though. There were a couple of young ladies down the front giving their best in the mosh pit, when you consider the competition of a couple of large, out of control louts, they held there own.

Nigel was as cracking as usual and I think Neil gets better every time I see them... It was Nigel that was out-of tune!! That comes from a: fitting new strings just before a gig? b: picking the wrong fret.

Cracking set Cracking band, can't wait till London, that will be a damn good start to my stag weekend, just hope the army's on standby.