The Boardwalk, Sheffield, 20th June (21/6/01)

Mark Hibbett:

We DID see the support act - and are working on a theory that Nigel is running dry on subject matter for the next album so they're booking in the most ridiculous stuff they can find i.e. deadly serious Singer Songwriter and Tradition Midlands John Cooper Clarke.

Anyway, dead good gig although it did have the feel of a pre-season friendly rather than vital cup tie, maybe due to lack of massive surprises in the set... still, Irk The Purists was fantastic, preceeded by a RANT about how being told you can't like the Clash and ELO at the same time is "bollocks", and some particularly inspired anti-heckling, especially, after repeated calls for old stuff, "you might at least buy the _second_ album", which got a much appreciated round of applause. "Bob Wilson, Anchorman" was great too, but what was that one that was "the sacredest of sacred cows" (J. Buckley's "Song To The Siren", made indie-famous by This Mortal Coil in the '80s)?

Great night out though, as ever, straight down the shop next week for the single then...