The Boardwalk, Sheffield, 20th June (21/6/01)

Mark Lowe:

What a night! (I always find myself saying this the morning after). Arrived in the car park opposite the Boardwalk to see the Birkenhead Car & Van Hire van in prime position (slightly confused by it being a blue one this time instead of a white one - away kit, perhaps? (always used to be blue in years gone by - pedantic Ed)), in time for a quick wander round the city centre. Found nothing of interest other than some woman who cadged £1.15 for her "bus fare home" - wonder if she caught a bus?

Got into the gig to meet a few 'known' faces and plenty unknown (including that big fella with problems remaining vertical near the front).

Missed the support, but didn't miss pisspoor 'comedian' / Sheffield version of John Cooper-Clarke (good likeness, D!).

After being heckled by Nigel at the Matlock Bath gig, I didn't write anything down this time and therefore have no idea what the set list was (doubtless Gus Woodhead will provide these details!) and have only a very sketchy recollection of what they did. That said, the ones I can remember are:

Uffington Wassail
Irk The Purists
Outbreak of Vitas Gerulaitis
24 Hour Garage People
Venus in Flares
Trumpton Riots
Worried Man Blues
(both promoted to the main set from their 'traditional' encore slots)
Bob Wilson, Anchorman

And, er, loads of others and if you were there you'd have heard all bar one of the new CD (the one being a wonderful banjo-riddled number). Don't think they did "Fred Titmus" and, due to lack of space in the van for a cello, "Footsteps" remains conspicuous by its absence.

Nigel was on good form, dealing with usual heckling (mind those foxes, Stuart) and pointing out exactly who is Neil and who's Nigel, not to mention who were the elitist twats in the audience!! (what's that immolation scene from?)

All in all, another cracking night out and a very good gig. Trouble is, we're getting to the point where they've amassed so many bloody good songs that they'll always miss out some "favourites".

Not that I would ever complain.......