Manchester review, Fri 24th Nov (27/11/00)

Andy (Pandy!) writes his first review:

I have been to hundreds of gigs, hundreds, but never one quite like this before. A combination of listening to a good hour of fine music, the intimacy of the venue (ain't been that close to a band in 15 years!), nostalgia, Nigel's wit, Ken's shy head-down smile and watching half a dozen 30-something bald loons jumping up and like 16 year olds at a Slipknot gig all left me feeling rather damn smiley. Seen better gigs in my time, heard better music, but cannot remember leaving a gig with such an impossibly wide smile on my face. HMHB live are good for the soul (and the arsehole as it happens cos I'd been a lil' constipated for a day or two before the gig.....and had to go poop in McDonalds on the way home after!) (er, thanks Andy). I don't know much of the new material they played, after thinking HMHB were officially dead for ten years, but I loved it. It is plain to see that Nigel has not lost his touch, AND that there is as much a need for them as there ever was. Who the fucking hell ARE Slipknot? I'm looking forward to seeing Nigel in his half shell-suit and breathable T shirt again in the near future....and feel like a born again fan who strayed from the flock, but is definitely back with a vengeance. Trumpton Riots was a splendid way to sign off. Manson Shmanson indeed!