Fibbers, York, Fri 17th November (20/11/00)

Craig Tolson, putting the frightners on Nigel (it's not Craig in the photo!):

This should be a caption competition...

On Robbie Williams' latest album 'Sing When You're Winning' there is a track titled 'Knutsford City Limits'. With these references to obscure British towns, celebs, and football chants then you could be forgiven for thinking that you are in Half Man Half Biscuit territory, and not in the land of Williams.

This probes the question, 'could HMHB be/have been a much bigger band than they are/were'? So instead of a Friday night at Fibbers, York we could perhaps be at Wembley Arena, London. But with Fibbers they are treading the same boards that other credible acts such as Travis and Elastica have trodden. Perhaps this appeals to them more than strutting on the same floor-space that has graced such luminaries as Mariah Carey and Steps.

Actually Radiohead have never played Fibbers come to think of it. But on strut Birkenhead's finest with Nigel announcing "this is a Radiohead song". Actually it's the classic 'Fuckin' 'Ell it's Fred Titmus'. Starting off a rip-roaring ninety minute set.

Luckily we are treated to such classic songs as, 'Monmore Hares Running', 'Paintballs Coming Home', 'The Best Things In Life', 'Friday Night And The Gates Are Low', 'Look Dad No Tunes', '24 Hour Garage People', and 'Dead Men Don't Need Season Tickets. All this plus some new references to those pursuers of nu-metal, 'Korn' and 'Slipknot'.

Towards the end of the set the moshpit is in double figures. Nigel has polished off his bottle of Lucozade. Guitar battles have been won and lost and still we have time for a two-song encore, comprising of 'Uffington Wassailing' and 'Everything's A.O.R.'. The good people of York then depart for the warmth of their homes (presuming they're not flood damaged) on this cold November night.

Hopefully most of them realising what a damn good live band HMHB are. And for some of the crowd, yes there is life after 'Back In The D.H.S.S.'. We let them entertain us. And entertain us they did!