Fibbers, York, Fri 17th November (20/11/00)

Roger Green:

I was in need of the 'thoroughly refreshing, vicarious and even cathartic experience' so couldn't stay away from this one. Fibbers has not been this full for a HMHB gig - but then again you can say that about most of the venues these days. I ended up next to a bloke from Huddersfield who hadn't been to a Biscuit gig for fifteen years. Imagine that. The poor soul.

Nigel had one or two observations to make, as usual. Something about the spelling on the condom machine - 'dispensing' spelt with a 'c' instead of an 's'. Some places, what can you say? They ran out of Marston's Pedigree as well.

Nothing new on the song front. You can probably guess most of what they did. If not, here is the list which Nigel had at his feet. "Papa Oo Mow Mow", "Hurricane", "His Last Summer", "Surfin On Mars", "Mau Mau", "Surfer Joe", "Dry Dock", "To The Island", "Greasy Chicken", "Monsters" and "Tooli Frooli" all sounded OK to me. And it was written on the back of a Premium Services 5pm Rota sheet. I see Norma and Phil managed to swap sheets on the 22nd. Birkenhead Car And Van Hire must have been in town that night.