Ashton review, Wed 25th October (28/10/00)

Gary Davies:

Following on from the Woodheads reviews (are they brothers?) may I first apologise for not joining the 'mosh pit' earlier. Those boys are so critical of the any late-moshers who dont have a note from their Mom! Our late arrival and the need to avail ourselves of refreshments meant a late entry at the front until the fourth song.

The Witchwood is probably my favourite venue. Compact, low ceiling, dark, good booze and generally a great crowd. A slum compared to the Hop & Grape but a palace compared to the Star & Garter. Above all the sound quality is always first class, and Wednesday was no exception. HMHB were on top form as was Nigel's ad-libbing, especially during 24 Hour Garage and Evil Gazebo.

The older stuff was great to hear, but the only playing one of my five live favourites (AOR, but no Monmore, PRS, Eno or Leaden Pall) was a slight disappointment. I am hard to please! Perhaps the Woodheads would like to put in a good word.

HMHB still represent the best seven quid you can spend. So dont just sit in front of your PC, get off your arse and get moshing. And that includes you Mr Lilley, its not that far from Paris!