The Boardwalk, Sheffield, 11th October (16/10/00)

Neil Woodhead:

Sheffield and the return of HMHB after a short break - Carl told me they hadn't played together in a while, which explains one or two things!

Could we find The Boardwalk - could we hell as like. With rough directions and no sense of direction in Sheffield, we eventually discovered that we had been driving in the right area, but had just missed it on at least three occasions - we saw a few pros though, working right outside West Bar nick!

When we got there, the place was packed and Blyth Power ( were in full swing. Fighting our way to the front, we found that there was a good eight foot of space in front of the stage!! Blyth Power were superb and after sixteen years in the business, it was the first time I had seen them live - but it won't be the last! Carl and Ken were stood watching and they seemed quite impressed - I think Carl was well impressed at seeing a drummer front of stage, as lead vocals and drums.

During the break and once again I was asked where to get the Dukla Prague shirt - remember its TOFFS and make sure you get the right one! (They're also giving away a copy of the Trumpton Riots/Dukla Prague Away Kit 7' single to the first 150 people who buy a Dukla Prague shirt from them - Gez).

Shortly afterwards and the lads came on to much applause. The set went something like Irk The purists, No Tunes, R The Mtn, Bad Review, Whit week Malarkey, Ron's 22, Vitas, Frampton, Fear My Wraith, Moody Chops, Ready Steady Goa, Friday Night, Mental Hospital, PRS, 24 hr Garage, Secret Gig, Squabblefest, Gubba, Indie Kids, Capel Curig and Uffington Wassail. The encore was Slade's Worried Man and then Fred Titmus. That list is lifted from two paper plates that had been utilised as the set play - and for once, the lads actually stuck to it quite well.

Nigel regularly forgets the odd line, but tonight he got it wrong three times - "what's the next line?". The moshpit started slow with just a handful of us, but by the end it had swelled nicely and gave the night great atmosphere.

At long last and with much reminding from Andy Martin (good man) Geoff remembered the lighters "international act with own PA & excellent light show" - if you have one you'll know what I mean.

Geoff also had a limited edition supply of coloured wooden golf tees with the quote 'Evil Gazebo'. Limited to 100 and Gus bought 25, so there aren't many left if you want one! They were also well advertised by Nigel, mid song.

Superb night all round and now ready for the return to Leeds....see you next Wednesday.

Oh it takes a worried man.....