Stourbridge, Thu 31st August (1/9/00)

Stuart Estell:

Mental note - never, ever pay money to see a band that comes from Stourbridge. "It's fockin' rainin', and we play shoite when it rains" - yes, frankly, you do. All I can remember is the Richard Ashcroft wannabe singer and a terrible cover of Jumping Jack Flash.

HMHB were fabulous though. Nigel's amp broke down again. Excellent renditions of Evil Gazebo (listed on Neil's set list as the "Mental Hospital One"), Country Practice, Gubba, Uffington, Fred Titmus, Feedback, 24 hr Garage, Indie Kids - much jumping up and down. Encores were Secret Gig and an extremely fast Trumpton Riots. And I even managed to get lost in the depths of the Black Country on the way home.