London Astoria, Fri 21st July (24/6/00)

Robert Wegenek:

We ended up watching most of John Otway to make sure we were right at the front, up against the stage.

I was on the right hand side, as we faced HMHB and I'm sorry to say that Neil's bass was too loud from where we were placed - drowned much of the vocals.

But I was pleased to note that about halfway through Nigel was mouthing "Fuckin' hell" at Neil in apparent disbelief at the audience reaction.

I am told on what I think is fairly good authority that Trouble Over Bridgwater has sold 8500 copies in Virgin Megastore alone.

John Otway was outstanding comic entertainment. I've never seen him before, but I would go and watch him again. For someone who had the mild air of a retail tobacconist he was pretty unconventional.

Favourite line of the gig?

"He's not the real Slim Shady,
I'm the real Slim Shady
and the other Slim Shady
Well he can Fuck Off."