London Astoria, Fri 21st July (24/6/00)

Dan Hayes:

What can I say?

I've been to some storming gigs in my time (including a number by the Biscuit), but Friday night was simply awesome! They played the perfect set including all the favourites - old and new, including two particular favourites of mine: Monmore and PRS. It was just silly!

The crowd seemed to lap it up too - including myself: I was the pisshead in the shorts and Wallace & Grommit t-shirt making a glorious tit of himself by punching the air inappropriately, playing air guitar (oh my god!) and generally falling on my arse at every available opportunity. My sincere thanks to any of you who were kind enough to pick me up, rather than trampling me to death. I love you all.

I always gauge a good gig by the amount of pain experienced the next day. Well here we are three days later and new bruises are still surfacing, older ones show no signs of fading and my stomach and ribs feel like I've done ten rounds with Big Jimmy Nail. Top night out. Can't wait till next time.

Well done lads - can't be long before the majors are dangling their wages.