London Astoria, Fri 21st July (24/6/00)

John King:

Bloody fantastic! I'm still buzzing!

One of the best gigs I've seen in years. Last time I saw the biscuits was at the Mean Fidler in Harlesden a couple of years ago - they just seem to get better and better.

Lots of good rebel rousing favourites - Irk the Purists, Fuck 'n 'ell its Fred Titmus (my mum is 70 and even she loves that song - how cool is she???) Vitas Gerulaitis, 4 Skinny Indie Kids, Gubba Lookalikes, Secret Gig and of course Trumpton Riots, etc, with one or two slower numbers in between to let us draw breath.

Crowd was the usual mixture - mainly blokes, with a few birds here and there, all generally over the age of 30. Quite a few Dukla Prague away kits, scarves and so on!

Unfortunately my normally cool friend Joanna was being more conservative than Mrs 'T' and sat through the entire gig, going home before the encore because she was 'tired'. Ah well, she's an aussie what can you expect ;-) I'm sure HMHB could write a song about it ....

Shame in the encore they didn't update A Country Practice (money now earmarked will LATER be wasted - it already has mate) but excellent stuff nevertheless.

Long may the biscuits rain supreme!!!