Matlock Bath review, Fri 14th July (17/6/00)

Roger Green:

Is this the most picturesque setting for a HMHB gig? Trees, valleys, one-in-seven steep hills, amusement arcades, extortionate car-park fees, chip shops that close at half past eight. This place has the lot. And what about best name for a venue? Even better, there was a Guinness promotion on - pity about having to drive home.

The 'Sorry, House Full' signs are worth bearing in mind for future reference. Does this mean an end to gigs in poky upstairs rooms? God, I hope not. But when they sell out pubs in villages in Derbyshire it certainly means you are going to have to check before setting off, wherever they play.

The new album got plenty of hearing - Irk The Purists, Gubba Lookalikes and others, and a lively rendition of Twenty Four Hour Garage People. Oldies but goodies included Everything's AOR and A Country Practice and Nigel made reference to the disappointing form of Henman and Rusedski before doing Vitas Gerulaitis. The venue's blurb said that this band does a song called 'Fuck Off Fred Titmus'. They didn't do that one, although one of them did have a very similar title. Also, there were the usual embryos of stuff that will no doubt be worked on in the future. One, to the tune of 'Tip Toe Through The Tulips' seemed to refer to tip-toeing to the front row of a gig and machine-gunning those on the stage. Can't remember who it referred to. And there was the one about the pope and the singer out of Slipknot.

Roll on next time. And get them tickets booked!