Nottingham review (18/6/00)

Bob Stevens:

A dream come true, HMHB appearing less than 10 minutes walk from my front door, a hot summer's night, a venue that lets you take your drinks to the banks of the Trent and a storming gig.

We were told that the band would be on in 5 minutes so we made our way into the venue to be greeted by Irk The Purists and a bit of a muffled sound. The venue was full and the bitter fizzy as ever so a switch to bottled Budvar and I entered the crowd taking up my place just in front of the mixing desk.

To be honest I can never remember what was played or in what order but the highlight for me was Footprints which I have never seen them do before. The moshpit was busy from the start with faces i recognise from the Leicester and Derby gigs and i finally succumbed to the temptation on a rousing finale of Trumpton.

The sound in the venue improved throughout the night or did it just take me a couple of drinks to get my ear in.

I hope that they return to the Boat Club next year the venue is under used and the crowd had a great time.