Nottingham review (18/6/00)

Andy Kelly:

I'm not used to seeing HMHB with a few beers inside me as I'm usually driving, but the first home town gig since Sam Fay's (which is now Hooters!) and many years ago, was worthy of the taxi fare back to the green fields of middle England.

Everyone in Nott'm has a story of the first or last band they saw a band at the Boat Club, The Clash and The Stones and Hendrix are all meant to of played there. But it is still a shed underneath the shadow of the red shite. All things considering though tonight was short and sweet, we missed the start ( when do they ever come on before 10.00?) but superb. Footprints topped off the set and while I can appreciate the long treck back to Birkenhead another track on the encore would not of hurt.

We had a couple of HMHB virgins with us who begrudgingly admitted they had, had a good night, but whether or not they start travelling the country is a different matter.

Back to the gig - Nigel's lirics were very muffled but that apart the sound was good (unlike Sheffield) I missed out on grabbing a set list but from what I can remember some of the highlights were: 24hr Garage People, Outbreak of Vitas Gerulaitis, Secret Gig, (my mate's Dad was married to Susan Dando so that is his claim to fame) and Dead Men Don't Need Season Tickets. Though being dead down County next season might not be such a bad option.

Looking forward to Matlock