Leicester review, Thu 11th May (12/5/00)

Neil Woodhead, first as usual:

Came across The Charlotte by accident, after being completely lost in the middle of Leicester. At first it appeared to be shut and if it wasn't for the fact that I knew HMHB were inside, due to a Birkenhead Van Hire outside, I'd probably have gone somewhere else. Eventually I worked out which the door was and entered a great venue - although not if you were at the back - behind the sound booth.

Capacity 390, but i'm not convinced - maybe that includes 50 people on stage as well.

Anyway MJ Hibbert and the Validators were great - much better than they were in Derby a couple of weeks ago. They also did a HMHB cover - which got eberyone in the mood.

Ken, Neil and Carl were knocking about with Geoff early on, but then the sullen Nigel appeared and they climbed onto the stage. Neil very kindly tuned Nigel's guitar before they began - very nice of him.

They kicked off in the fast lane with Irk the Purists and what followed was a typical gig - Gubba Look-a-Likes, Capel Curig, Everythings AOR, Monmore Hares Running and plenty plenty more. They also reverted to Trumpton Riots, which went down a storm.

A moshpit was formed about six tracks in which set the atmosphere off brilliantly. The sound wasn't wonderful, at least at the front, particularly the vocals.

We also had another airing of

Robbie Williams and Liam Gallagher went to Rome to see the Pope
Robbie Williams and Liam Gallagher went to Rome to see the Pope
Robbie Williams and Liam Gallagher went to Rome to see the Pope
and the Pope turned to his aide and said....
Who the fuckin' hell are these two
Who the fuckin' hell are these two....
A good encore followed with Paintball's Coming Home, It's Cliched to be Cynical at Xmas and Time Flies By.

Great gig - great atmosphere - and plenty of female HMHB fans which was nice to see - particularly those two stood right at the front left with me (cheers girls!).

Well worth a long trip down the M6 and back up the M1.

Manchester should be great, see you all there...