Doncaster Leopard, Thu 30th March (31/3/00)

From Roger Green:

This is a top venue. It's always a good sign when you see the path to the Fire Exit blocked with tables and chairs. A lot of tribute bands play there, with a healthy spattering of "names". The Fall played there the week before and The Damned are due in mid-April.

HMHB played for just over an hour. On top form as usual, featuring "Everything's AOR", "Whit Week Malarkey", and "Monmore". Also, "Mathematically Safe" was a new one to me. The encore featured "Gubba Lookalikes" and "Time Flies By". And no cover version! Still haven't heard "Twenty-Four Hour Garage People" played live, but you can't have everything.

Can't wait for the album.