Doncaster Leopard, Thu 30th March (31/3/00)

From Neil Woodhead, "one of the happy die hards from the front":

Great venue - a pub in the middle of Doncaster, dedicated to the infamous CAMRA Man! A room upstairs which holds 200 was pretty full, must have been 175+ in attendance.

To warm us all up, we had punk band Adulecents UK who certainly shattered my ear drum. They were also the first punk bad I have heard cover that Christmas classic Hark The Herald Angels Sing!

But then out of the blackness came Ken, Carl, Nigel and Neil - to open with Whit Week Melarky. This was followed by a short interlude whilst Ken tuned Nigel's guitar for him - poor thing can't manage himself.

We were then treated to a whole range of classics - Secret Gig, Irk The Purists (for Meatloaf), Monmore Hare's Running, Fretwork Homework, Friday Night & The Gates Are Low, Running Order Squabble Fest and Vitas Gerulaitis. They then returned for a two track encore - Gubba Lookalikes and Time Flies By.

As there is no exit from the stage, the band had to climb up and down through the masses. With the applause and pats of the back they all got, hey must have felt like they were running out at Wembley for the FA Cup Final. Ken seemed to enjoy it more than anyone.

The atmosphere was great, a couple dozen of us at the front had a good mosh - and generally a good time was had by everyone there.

Roll on Leicester - hopefully more between.