The Boardwalk, Sheffield, 4th February (6/2/00)

Ken Grundy:

Excellent ! Apart from not finding Chris who had said I'll introduce you it was a really good gig , made all the more memorable for some TRFC fans singing "Wembley, Wembley" at odd intervals - quickly subdued , but given further encouragement by the Dave Challinor long throw action (I went back to Sheffield the following day - a mistake as it was unlikely that two excellent events were likely to happen in Sheffield in 24 hours was to say the least unlikely.) Anyway, from the opening 'Harry Quinn ' to Kendo it was excellent , my only complaint was no 'Men with Steel Hearts' and a load of horribly middle class wassocks who insisted on talking if it was not a song they knew - which was most of them. Why don't they go to a coffee morning or something ?