Chester, Mon 13th December (21/12/99)

Steve Molyneux:

The Chester gig was a top night out!

The attendance wasn't superb but the fans who did turn up were treated to a night of top entertainment. Nigel was in a talkative mood and every song was introduced in a surrel manner, "This was a song given to me by angels in Delamere forest" and "this song was written at the Gosforth nautical show", to mention a couple.

The set was varied and included tracks from most of the albums, but there was no sign of Look Dad No Tunes. However, we did get to hear Gubba Lookalikes, a song which Nigel told us was about a friend who took something (chemical) and all he saw as he lay in bed was Tony Gubba! It was a good job Nigel was at his bedside to help him through his experience!

There was a brief reference to Paul McCartney's return to the Cavern Club, Nigel paid tribute by singing "Ah, look at all the ex-olympians, Ah look at all the ex-olympians, Fatima Whitbread" (to the tune of "Eleanor Rigby"). He was rudely interupted by an audience member who started to sing along. The Biscuit must have done this one before, Nigel had obviously forgotten! The song was abandoned (and the dog would bark and you'd be banned from his house).

Nigel took the piss out of the guy in the audience and asked him if he knew the lyrics to the next verse, he then made up some surreal story about the next verse being about some foreigner whose name I can't remember.

The night finished with the old favourite Trumpton Riots and we all went home happy and looking forward to the new album and more live dates next year!