London Mean Fiddler, Fri 12th November (14/11/99)

Dave Connor:

Went on Friday to the Mean Fiddler to see HMHB. Bloody excellent! I Don't know if you spotted the dude who looked uncannily like Mr Peel. If it wasn't him then he's a sad bastard for grooming himself to look like him. Not that there's anything wrong with Peely. Bit too much of a coincidence for it not to be, seeing as HMHB are one of his favourites.

I noticed last year at the Fiddler what a cross section of ages/types HMHB draw to their gigs.

Don't remember Mr Blackmore rolling ironically on the floor doing his Nicky Wire impersonation last year. Love the Seive song or whatever it's called (third track on the CD single). The sporting references are coming thick and fast still.