High Wycombe, Thu 7th October (4/11/99)


There must have been a very famous drummer once in High Wycombe, judging by the lighting which rendered the standing band members in silhouette, and blinded the sticksman. I'm sure Carl appreciated his 50 minutes of fame.

After the fun of blobbing unsuspecting punters with fading marker pens, being asked to shut the doors to keep the noise in, and then attempting to shut out the arse that was the support band (beamed to the back of the pub from the neck down on video camera), goodwill may have been in short supply, but HMHB soon rescued the day once again (despite the odd mohican storming out three songs in cos they weren't playing purely 1985 numbers). You all know the set by now so I won't rattle on about it; "Uffington Wassail" is the undoubted highlight of the new material.

Nice baseball hat.