St Albans, Wed 6th October (7/10/99)

Robert Wegenek:

Lost my HMHB gig virginity last night in my local pub. Heaven.

Got to speak to Nigel backstage for some time. He seemed genuinely interested in the fact that my mates and I had seen the last ever Dukla home game before they merged with another club.

He was even more impressed with the news that in Dukla's final season they would only get home crowds of 300 or so and that British ex-pats would make up about 30 or 40 of them, on the strength of the HMHB connection.

Was last night a first for Dukla songs to be sung in Czech at a gig?

An interesting bit of triv is that Nigel told us that the original reference was to be to Hajduk Split, but they weren't sure how it was spelt...

One of the links between songs, sung to the tune of "Happiness, happiness, the greatest gift that I possess" :

"Radiohead, Radiohead,
They seem to wish that they were dead,
If ever they came to Birkenhead,
I'd lock them in my Grandpa's shed."

Is this one done on a regular basis? (Irregular basis - Gez)