Llandudno, Sun 1st August (10/8/99)

Andrew Kelly:

The venue was hidden in the arse end of nowhere, it was a sweaty 3hr drive from Nottingham, but as usual it was well worth it. Box Of Frogs were a good laugh - loads of punk covers and the singer did a 10 minute stint of John Cooper Clarke poems.

HMHB didn't come on till after 10pm, straight into Fred Titmus. Only a couple of new ones, Gubba Lookalikes and one to the tune of "She'll Be Coming Round The Mountain". Country Practice was the highlight of the night (HMHB's "Boheimian Rhapsody"!) Must have been the best night out in Wales this year and the beer was cheap as well. To end the perfect weekend the Welsh Rock Shop sells rock with Notts County running through it!