Hornsea review (2), Tue 11th May (15/5/99)

Scott Maxwell's reply to Colin Robinson:

I think that the last review by Colin Robinson was not only offensive but inaccurate so I'd like to add my version which I compose after talking to some people who attended.

What a treat we had on Tuesday. A full 22 songs from the most underrated band in Britain.

It was Tuesday night and the gates were low but the ones that did bother to turn up (after four weeks of advertising, posters, local shops, PA Listings, Local Radio, Local papers...) were unanimous in their praise of the whole evening. A fest of Zachariah Toadstool as background music (I think you forgot to slag that off Colin!) followed by Cuzit Justiz, a popular local band (Yes Colin, everyone I spoke to thought Cuzit Justiz were at least O.K. Do you get upset if it's non-original material? You try playing local pubs with your own stuff around here. Seen it. Done it. Retired, and now play for FUN!!) with classic covers and some more modern stuff then onto The Underpant Explode who have also featured as one of John Peel's selected "I like them" bands. My favorite was "Geoffrey Boycott" to the tune of "Rock Lobster" ("Geoffrey Boycott's a Yorkshire Batter, He used to be thin but now he's much fatter"...) although "Muckspreader" or "Bellyfull of Bitter Now I'm 35" came close.

For those who were unaware, the Undies are composed of mainly ex-professional musicians who do it for a laugh and take the piss. This was obviously lost on non-local-review-inventing guests.

One thing I will agree with Colin, HMHB were excellent. They gave there all despite a small crowd of 125 (I know, I'm the one that lost £550 'cos only locals turned up) and converted a few who hadn't seen them before. Backstage chat (yes I did speak to them) revealed that "a small audience is more relaxing" and "We really enjoyed it". Geoff Davies confirmed that Nigel was in a relaxed mood as he was talking between songs and playing a few ditties. Excellent.

I won't list all 22 songs we enjoyed but the ones that really stood out were: "Ready Steady Goa", "Turned Up...", "Squabble Fest", "Vitas Gerulaitis", "Feedback", "Gubba Lookalike", "AOR", and "Paintball". The rest were very very good.

The general consensus is that the sound was good (both on and off stage!) the light show was good and the turnout was disappointing. HMHB were neither bemused nor uncomfortable and 99% of those who went had a great night. Even my brother who came from Edinburgh to see it (550 mile round trip) thought it was brilliant.