Derby review, Mon 26th April (28/4/99)

Mark Hibbett, from (one of) the support band(s):

HMHB were FANTASTIC, one of the best times i've seen them, largely because of the age of set. I was disappointed in Cov because it was REALLY old stuff almost exclusively, but this time we got a couple from the first two records (Trumpton Riots, er... something else...) and then a TON off the new album, with loads i'd never heard live before. It all got a bit blurry, but i'm pretty sure they did:

Fuckin' 'Ell It's Fred Titmus
Reflections In A Flat
Trumpton Riots
Albert Hammond Bootleg Outbreak Of Vitas Gerulaitis
(at the soundcheck)
Yipps (My Baby Got The)
Turned Up Clocked On Laid Off
Sponsoring The Moshpits
Friday Night And The Gates Are Low
Bad Review
Dead Men Don't Need Season Tickets
Four Skinny Indie Kids
You're Hard
Turn A Blind Eye
A Country Practice
Secret Gig
Ready Steady Goa

Maybe some more... and ALSO a couple of new ones - Gubba Lookalikes and Feedback. Feedback especially was brilliant. Afterwards me and Tim The Celebrity Drummer went and spoke to Nigel. He said he hoped to get a single out soon-ish, with "probably Feedback" as the A-side and some covers on the other. He was a v. nice man, which just shows that your heroes aren't always disappointing when you get to meet them.