Hebden Bridge review, Fri 12th February (18/2/99)

Martin Bryant:

Mediocre pub band The Undecided supported. Apparently they have an Oasis connection. The only obvious connection I could find was that they sound like that particular group of Mancs, only with a gruff-voiced short bald bloke singing. Never mind...

HMHB themselves were fantastic. Making the mistake of going to the bar just before they came on I missed the opener Fred Titmus and was stuck at the back of the room for the rest of the gig. Along with the usual array of songs they played Feedback, which although not as good as everyone's said, does end with a good bit about letting someone join your band because he has a theremin.

Another song which sounded new was played in the encore, but I won't describe it because I will probably be shot down in flames of embarrassment when it turns out to be really old...

For lovers of detail, set highlights included: Deep House Victims' Minibus Appeal, Bad Review, Secret Gig, Turn A Blind Eye (they've actually worked out a smoother ending for it since I last saw them), Paintball's Coming Home and 4 Skinny Indie Kids. A fantastic (as always) A Country Practice ended the normal set and Time Flies By (When You're A Driver Of A Train) finished the encore. Shame they didn't play A Shropshire Lad, though, as it really is brilliant.

The night was topped off by getting a free box of matches from Geoff :)