Star & Garter review (2), Fri 22nd January (28/1/99)

Natasha Mannheim with some opinions:

I read Cris Holmes' review of Half Man Half Biscuit at Manchseter Star and Garter and it was pretty accurate despite the snobbery about current fans and old fans. I mean, what kind of person actually gives a shit about that?

But I was interested that he mentioned taking along a friend and he said that she appeared to enjoy herself. You see, if he was the lad with blondish spikey hair who was bopping at the front while his girlfriend - in duffle coat and Nike rucksack - stood just back from the fray then I think he may have some problems with his perception. You see, from where we were stood she was clearly thoroughly bored by the whole thing and manfully raised a smile everytime he turned around. This smile dropped off her face as soon as he turned back to continue bopping with the bores shouting out b-side titles to the band. I mean, surely these people are ideal candidates to be subjects of HMHB lyrics.

Anyway, it was a brilliant gig and I think the band're superb but Cris needs to understand that girl just a little bit more if the relationship is to flourish.

Star & Garter review (3), Fri 22nd January (1/2/99)

Cris' reply:

I am bemused as to why i am not allowed (HMHB Web Site Gig Review) to make a distinction between older fans (who only know of the DHSS albums) and newer fans.

There are two very distinct groups, and both have validity at a HMHB gig, and both are clearly looking for different things from the set list. It is not snobbery to make the distinction - just observation.

P.S. I have dark hair and was not at the front.

OK, that's the subject closed now - Gez.