Star & Garter review, Fri 22nd January (26/1/99)

Cris Holmes:

The Biccies were late on stage, and the support had cancelled (unfortunately due to a bereavement - Gez).

The venue wasn't overly brilliant but HMHB but were received well, and by the end there was plenty of "dancing". The sound system left a little to be desired ... particularly when trying to hear what Nigel was singing about on the newer songs.

Of the newer songs, a number were paraded. The one that stood at most, and was as well received by the "current" fan base and the "Back In The DHSS" fans seemed to revolve around giving Michael Flatley a fist full of knuckles.

Nigel also did a solo interlude about his brother (probably not, in fact - Gez) - which didn't seem to be too complimentary.

There was a good mixture of songs - although HMHB seemed to loose momentum and the crowd about half way through, but regained it with a belting version of Albert Hammond Bootleg.

The old favourites were there: Trumpton Riots, Fuckin' 'ell it's Fred Titmus, and intermediates like I Trog, Everything's AOR, Yipps and Running Order Squabble Fest, It was good to see You're Hard, Eno (as an opener!) and Four Skinny Indie Kids get as much recognition from the audience as the older songs.

A Country Practice stood out a mile. That really should have been a single...Oh, and Vanessa got a mention in Turn A Blind Eye.

I took a friend who had never heard of HMHB before, and she appeared to enjoy herself. I guess that is testament to a good gig.