London New Cross, The Venue, 13/12/96

Carl Alty says:

The last gig I did with HMHB was the London New Cross Venue last December (Carl Henry couldn't make it and I was in London anyway) it was quite good - brand new dressing room.

Short and sweet!

Gloucester Guildhall, 4/12/96

From M Robb (I presume):

"A somewhat less enthralling experience than the previous gigs (eg. Bridgwater) due to low turnout, a floor that bounced up and down alarmingly and less than ideal acoustics. The band was naturally able to rise above these potentially de-motivating criteria. Two local sixth form students attempting to sell their pre-purchased tickets outside, after they had clocked the other clientele entering the gig were persuaded to change their minds. We bought them a drink to boot, yet nevertheless they both left after the third number.

Those who went : Tom the Chelsea bloke / Tim from Taunton / Clive P. / MPR.
Apologies for absence : Fred. Dealing with high maintenance partner.
Should have been there : Ross

Football note : Nigel took stick for defeat at Reading."

York Fibbers, 23/11/96 (added 9/6/97)

Andy Sandall writes:

"The gig at Fibbers was on Saturday 23rd November - I remember it 'cos it was a week before my birthday! Most memorable feature of the night for me that earlier that day one of my friends said they'd never been to see a real live band before - well, what an opportunity! Having never heard any HMHB stuff in their life, and having no idea what their music was like, the look on her face as they opened with "Fuckin' 'Ell, It's Fred Titmus" had to be seen to be believed.

It was another 'greatest hits' type set, with a few of the newer songs (at the time) getting a airing, although Nigel apologised for not bringing the keyboard with them. Much banter again (many of the crowd were recognisable from the Leeds gig), with Nigel commenting on the 'Minstermen' and their recent results between songs. Best bit of banter of the night was when Nigel complained he couldn't switch his effects pedals on properly as they were on his left and "I can't use my left foot", to which someone shouted out "A bit like John Aldridge", so Nigel spent the next few moments pointing out what a good player he was, and what league York are in!

Anyway, a top gig, plus three encores, the final one of "I Hate Nerys Hughes" being played after the house lights had gone up and all bar about 20 of us had gone home. One of the most energetic performances I've seen them put in. Can't remember the support band though, so either there wasn't one, or they weren't very good (the latter I think)."

York Fibbers, 23/11/96 (added 14/6/97)

Pete Fenelon writes:

"HMHB always go down well at Fibbers, and the November gig was no exception -- one of the biggest and most appreciative crowds I've seen them get there. My glasses decided to leap out of my shirt pocket at one point and one lens was reduced to powder. Oh well. Nigel on particularly top form with remarks about Amon Duul fans (though the only Amon Duul fan I know wasn't there!). Some of the older stuff sounds a bit different with the new four-piece lineup, but Neil is still truly one of the unsung heroes of the bass. Very much looking forward to 21/6 -- should be out there in force with a number of other addicts."

Leeds Duchess of York, 15/10/96 (added 9/6/97)

Andy Sandall writes:

"The gig at the Duchess in Leeds way back in October wasn't bad, I seem to remember. The support was from a band called 'People Like Us' or 'PLU', who regularly do supports there (I'd seen them supporting Cardiacs a couple of months earlier), and aren't that bad, but aren't exactly awe inspiring!

I seem to remember the set being a bit of a 'greatest hits' set, with a spread of stuff from all the records, plus the then new "Eno Collaboration", and the crowd really got into it, with loads of banter between Nigel and the crowd, some of whom where definitely worse for wear! First time I'd seen them as a four piece, and they still looked a bit hesitant about some stuff and made the odd mistake, but all the songs were ones people could join in with, so they went down well."

London LA2, 13/9/96 (added 8/6/97)

Gez sez: "Another gig where Konrad and myself managed to miss most of the support band (one two many in The Tottenham, I guess), who were the excellent Calvin Party. Just caught their final song, "Lies, Lies And Government". Excellent. Buy the LP.

Biscuits on fine form. This was the first time I heard "Paintball's Coming Home", and the crowd were in stitches. Can't remember too much else about the gig, apart from Geoff giving me an "Eno" T-shirt, Carl's late arrival cos he'd been to a funeral, and chatting with some of the regular Biscuit crowd in the Tottenham after the gig."